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Humanity is blockaded into the inner solar system by the hostile Gathilian forces holding a tenuous front at the gravitation lensing point off Jupiter. The many facets of humanity from the tribal Mercurians to the disporate Freemen work together to consolidate their defence of the Sol system and reach out to the stellar races for any that would stand against the Gathilian dreams of dominion and slavery.

The Situation
Solar Politics
Galactic Politics
Historical Records


The Sol System
The People of Sol
Individuals of note
Æther Science
Æther Armed Forces


The EAF: Black Light campaign is probably going to be run using the freely available d20 Modern system with the Future MSRD extension. Whilst still in the planning stage, and all the systematic materials are still in flux, system materials are used (and therefore any changes, updates or derivative parts are released under) the the Open Gaming License 1.0a (hereafter referred to as the OGL).

Game Mechanics
- Feats
- Metapsionic Feats
- Starship Feats



Questions and Answers; regarding Copyright and Legal Matters
Questions and Copyright
Pertaining to the OGL and d20MSRD: Legal Information
Setting and ‘science’ readings
Linguistics Readings


Firstly, thanks to our researchers, contributors and much reading material.

Our thanks also go out to every creative mind that has walked (or warped) these halls before us.

We would also like to thank Alcohol, Comics and Free Time.

And last but not least, thanks to Obsidian Portal for hosting.

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