Questions and Copyright

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Q: Why?
A: The monkeys made us do it, the SEAMONKEYS. Brain worms is also an acceptable answer, they made Jerald do it, and still are come to think of it.

Q: You made me do “X”
A: No, we didn’t. It could be the wires in your teeth, or the aliens outside targeting you with their orbital mind control lasers through your television, better tinfoil the whole house to be safe! There is something called personal responsibility where I live, it’s great, although it does mean I can’t sue France for accidentally killing my wife with my fearsome ninja skills I learnt from a video game, which just happened to be made in France.

Q: It’s apologize not apologise you simpletons!
A: No. We live in a commonwealth country and follow British literary conventions, not American. Unless otherwise sabotaged by spell checkers.

Q: This is crapulent, I want my money and/or time back!
A: We’re quite realistic about our literary prowess (or lack thereof) and never claimed that this was the next Magician, Lord of the Rings or Song of Ice and Fire, it’s some interesting fiction we though should be written down. If it’s useful, neat, if it’s not, oh well. No temporal or chronological refunds offered, implied or even possible.

Q: Where do you folks come up with this?
A: Think of somewhere interesting, where interesting things are currently happening then think about an interesting person, imagine for a moment, what that interesting person would do in that interesting situation, and go from there. Do this at least once a week with other people you know who can also imagine that scenario and think it’s fun, remember to include someone who is nominally in charge of the worlds plumbing, and have fun.

Q: No, I mean, are you smoking crack or something?
A: No. Occasionally, we’ll have a drink (or two, we’re all adults, nominally), but we use our imaginations a lot, they’re in pretty good shape on the whole, being creative like this is both fun and social.

Q: Didn’t this used to be up at PBWiki?
A: Yes, then Jerald lost the master password, then he also lost the email account he used to register the site and we lost the ability to access, modify or re-authenticate with the site in any way whatsoever. Hilarity ensued

Bonus Question

Q: How can I give you some money or beer because your work is so great?
A: Send all donations to the editor, he will divide it out fairly. -The Editor.


All the d20 Modern and other MSRD material is Copyright to Wizards of the Coast, and any changes or supplementary/derivative/modified game system material is covered by the Legal Information.

All non-system material pertaining to characters, history and the setting remains the property of it’s creator

Questions and Copyright

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