The Sol System


Metal rich planet, life has adapted to high levels of metal in the soil. Very hot and humid, this is a jungle planet. Home to the Ebonians and ancestral home of the pre-modified Dragons. Also has the only fully functional FirstBorn Forge.


The biosphere of Venus was destroyed in the first war between the First-born and Gathilians with anti-matter bombs. Was a twin to Earth but is now a wasteland. Survivors of the war where found in underground bunkers in “Long Sleep” suspension. These FirstBorn survivors are followers of a man named Caleb.


Birth place of mankind and the Terrans.

    The Moon

    Earths only natural satellite and one of the few larger moons with an atmosphere. Supports a fairly large population, spaceport, military facilities and substantial defenses.


A very old and depleted biosphere, Mars has just recently (~2,000 years) come out of an extensive ice age spanning some 200,000 years. This planet has very little in the way of metals, there are no mineable deposits at all. This is the home of the GreenMen, RedMen, The Republic and the Dragons. A pleasant temperate climate with extensive grasslands, the weather is controlled via an advanced satellite network.

    Phobos and Deimos

    Two small and thinly atmosphered moons, each of which hosts a small autonomous satellite maintenance station.

Asteroid Belt

The remains of a shattered planet, the belt provides a feeding ground for the Krakar who inhabit the solar system. Made up of metal bearing and organic types this is a vast resource for anyone to exploit.


Sol’s largest planet Jupiter is a source of He3 for a great number of ships in the solar system. It also has 4 of the Largest moons in the Sol system, these were the home to the Johvian warriors for several hundred thousand years where they trained, lived, fought and died.

    Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa

    Each of the moons of Jupiter housed one faction of the Johvian warriors during their 200,000 year war games against each other. Their overseer Mathew units continued following their final orders from the Gathilians and the Johvians continued following the Mathews orders. This perpetual cycle of death was interupted by the arrival of the RSNS Anastasia who where trying to rescue the RFES Izhora and her crew following a request from the Russian Military Command after the ship was captured by the Johvians.


Outside the once protective barrier erected by the Krakar, this was the home base for the Terrans in the Sol system. This is also a source of He3 and has the 2nd largest moon in the system, Titan. Titan was once home to 2 billion Terrans.



In ice giant with no moons, this was the home to the Freemen who mined it’s frigid core for volatiles, metals and organic compounds.


Another Ice giant, the Terrans have a small security station here.


Gateway for the system, Pluto is still hotly contested by the Terrans in the steed of the Gathilians. A lonely little rock with a few installations.

The Sol System

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